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Thursday, January 10, 2008

School 2.0

I stumbled across this amusing video illustrating the differences between (using techie parlance) School 1.0 and School 2.0.

On his 2¢ blog, David Warlick has several posts about School 2.0. He has developed an excellent graphic organizer illustrating it - hopefully he won't mind if I reproduce it here.

Several things strike me as I look at the diagram:
  • School 2.0 uses verbs like create, evaluate, express, and respond.
    School 1.0 uses verbs like read, listen, and remember.
  • In School 2.0, learning is active. In School 1.0, learning is very passive.
  • School 2.0 is learner-centered or involves teacher-learner collaboration.
    School 1.0 is very teacher-centered; delivery of information is "from on high."
I like his diagram, but interestingly, the casual observer might think that School 2.0 looks like School 1.0 - figuratively and literally. And for many educators, they assume it does. I've seen many teachers introduced to new technology only to implement it in an old-fashioned classroom - still teacher-centered, still strictly guided instruction. With respect to David, I'd like to revise the diagram, so that it not only reflects the difference in verbs, but also illustrates how School 2.0 would look, feel, and function differently.

It takes a huge paradigm shift - and an awfully daring leap of faith - to transform a classroom from 1.0 to 2.0, not to mention what it would take to transform an entire school, school system, or national public education system.

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