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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Social Software - the real Web 2.0

Jenn Kelley has created a wiki discussing the concept of social software - she quotes from Tom Coates' blog plasticbag:
Social software can be loosely defined as software which supports, extends, or derives added value from human social behaviour-- message boards, music taste-sharing, photo-sharing, instant messaging, mailing lists, social networking.

I think that social software and the term "web 2.0" may be somewhat interchangeable. With the development of open-source, platform-independent, web-based, collaboration-fostering tools like Basecamp, Blogger, PBWiki, Writeboard, del.icio.us, Facebook, and so many more, the model is shifting from delivered-to-the-masses to the-masses-delivering-unto-themselves.

The rise of social software I think also reflect the changing trends in education. It makes sense - people who were students when technology was gaining popularity in education are now those who are designing the next generation of technology. It makes me wonder what the students of today will create - and are we serving that future by how we teach with technology in schools today?

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